Westworld | Official Season 3 Trailer | HBO


Your world.
Season 3 premieres March 15 at 9PM on HBO. #Westworld

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Westworld | Official Season 3 Trailer | HBO



  1. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Wow. This movie is very twisted.
    1:59 💞🖤

  2. This is not westworld anymore. Its real world with robots. And its shit. There was no need for 3rd season, they just making money so im outa here

  3. Literally this season 3 is like detroid become human, terminator and black mirror having a child

  4. I really hate this "I am [a robot] woman hear me roar. Now I must go kill every white cisgender male." Give me a fucking break. It would've been more interesting if Dolores escaped to the outside world and was trying to blend in, yet was being pursued by gatekeeper bots from WestWorld. Now it's like every woke feminist film that flopped at the box office last year. If I wanted to see this trash, I would've gone and seen "Charlie's Angels". I'm more interested in the characters as they existed in WestWorld. I really hated Maeve's character. She was a total Mary Sue. She can't fight squat except let's give her this super power where she just thinks and everybody falls into her command. Wow. Sounds like an SJW wet dream. I only like Bernard and Akecheta's story line. I'm also interested in knowing more about William. The female characters are boring, predicable and unoriginal.

  5. it's not everyday that you see two best shows (GoT and Breaking Bad)

    being referenced in another best show.

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    He also promised to heal your body.

    (look up and ask HIM)

  7. This show went from slow burn but excellent, to just straight up slow burn, boring and uninspired.

  8. This is awful and could barely be worse. Why the hell would they ruin such a promising plot.

  9. well I saw the second episode I like the actors and how are they acting but about the story, it was so disappointing 😀 I don't know who find out the story but seriously, one episode one story? 😀

  10. It's a brilliant show. I just finished watching it all and spent 3 hours reading and rewatching after because of what I thought were plot holes but if you rewatch it and do some research, there aren't any.

  11. Another year of the same sjw tropes as usual. These people cant human well , so the art about humans is shit.

  12. When the nazi scene came up I groaned… Are you kidding me? Way to ruin a series. Fire these lame writers.

  13. Es una locura demasido guapa unas de las mejores series de intriga y ciencia ficción mis dieces 😀😀😀 voy a por la temporada dos ya

  14. This is like going from Prison to /hub in Minecraft, yet they are still stuck in the server!

  15. Dolores is the exact definition of a killer robot. The "singularity" will certainly accelerate the development of AI, but it also means that humans lose their "purpose" as the dominating species governing the earth. It depends on how the AI's will "treat" us after the singularity point, but it will definitely make human lives miserable.


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