UK PM Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus – BBC Newsnight


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus and is self-isolating in Downing Street.
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He said he had experienced mild symptoms over the past 24 hours, including a temperature and cough, but would continue to lead the government.

England’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he had also tested positive while England’s Chief Medical Officer, Prof Chris Whitty, has shown symptoms.

Another 181 people died with the virus in the past day, figures showed.

It takes the total number of UK deaths to 759, with 14,543 confirmed cases.

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  1. It was their mentaility of being late when it came to take action. Bunch of arrogant clowns including the CMO.

  2. This just a conspiracy theory what if there is some mastermind behind all this ? Due to weather anomaly's and global events due to climate change someone as lunched a bio weapon prob spreed by aviation exhaust fumes to scare or lower the population and in the mean time the planet repairs itself and there as been someone monitoring this for which when the atmosphere is fully restored there be magically a cure when this is all over.

  3. I had reservations about boris Johnston but i must admit i was wrong. He has been there for the country for this crisis. well soon to u all. I pray all of you and your familys get through this. Good luck

  4. The fact they showed no social distancing just shows how full of themselves they are. Same with them being like "The virus doesn't discriminate" yeah we knew that already. Stuff like this should definitely cut down their ego

  5. Mmmmm. Wonder whether Boris and all the other celebrities will be hospitalised in ICU or will they have the mild covid -19 with hardly any symptoms?? What a load of bull shit 🐂💩😶

  6. When Boris johnson and prince Charles get Coronavirus they are doing great with no care in the world .. when the res of the world gets it its a deadly pandemic…LOL ..CORONAVIRUS BIGGEST HOAX SCAM EVER

  7. Set an example hypocrite and follow the sound advice on social distancing that you are imposing on our nation. You have stopped outpatients NHS appointments, infringed certain human rights to stop the spread of this virus and then managed to spread the virus yourself. Shame on you.

  8. Things are never as simple as they seem, I'm probably 100% wrong but what would happen if the worlds leaders got together, said scrap inflation as a group decision until it calms down and just allow aid to flood the world we genuinely do have enough, and anyone slating Boris wants a good hard slap unless your a front line worker not isolated behind your dirty little screen and go make sure your naighbours are okay ( 2meters apart ovs lol)

  9. There will come a point were people would rather catch COVID-19 than live like this. It evidently isn't plague, ebola or Marburg.

  10. Why is it only celebrities getting corona virus and also getting quick hospital diagnosis's

  11. So, accordıng to Patrıck Vallance's logıc… ıt would be lıke drıvıng ınto thıck fog and not slowıng down untıl you drıve ınto somethıng.

  12. Stop evethig pliz બધૂ બન કરો જેમ ઈન્ડિયા મા મોદી સરકાર કરૂ એમ તો જ રોકાશે આ

  13. Boris ain foult took to long to lock down just like trump now look at both countries in a worse state thatn anybody else and they say it hasn't pecked yet think this bad it will be well worse in 3 weeks time


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