This Youtuber Needs to be Stopped… *Shallon Lester*

This Youtuber Needs to be Stopped… *Shallon Lester*

Hi friends! So in today’s video we are talking about a youtuber who has gotten a lot of attention recently for her content. If there is one thing to take away from this video, I really hope that its Celebrity or youtuber drama and mental health just don’t mix. Trying to psychologically evaluate people who you’ve never met is a problem and I hope Shallon is listening to what people are saying and can at least acknowledge the issues people are bringing up. I love you guys so much and I will see you in the next one!

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  1. I want to thank you from the bottom of my soul for your passion for mental illness and addiction. My daughter suffers with mental health illness and I’ve suffered with addiction. Which I believe is a form of mental illness. My daughter is a social worker now and her mental state is at a wonderful place and I’ve been sober for 15 years. Just wanted to say Thank you! Sent this vid to my daughter too. ❤️🙏❤️

  2. side note: your makeup is on fleekkkkkk girlll <3 <3 <3

  3. Congrats on your ba

  4. P.S. good job!

  5. Smokey appears your video triggered her “best friend”

  6. I used to watch her channel years ago but it was way different. In the beginning she would give out relationship advice based on her own experience. Ever since she got divorced her whole demeanor changed and so did her channel. She started acting very mean and bitter. I unsubscribed years ago because of how horrible she would talk about people. She's very insensitive and very offensive.

  7. I have complex PTSD, so I felt a little less lonely after watching your video. Many people in the world just don't understand mental illness. It's so complex in my opinion since I'm dealing with the notion that the world is unsafe place. Complex PTSD and bipolar are devastating for people lives. It causes you to have difficulty learning, trusting people and just taking care of yourself. You're jumpy and confused all the time. It seriously disrupt s your cognitive function. People just call you stupid or lazy. When people like Shallon minimize people's struggles with mental illness or make fun of them, it makes me feel damaged and misunderstood.

  8. TW: bipolar disorder, eating disorder

    The fact that she refuses to acknowledge the fact that no 2 people can have the same kind of bipolar disorder just pisses me off. I am bipolar and also struggle with an eating disorder. My manic phase are shorter lives and not so pronounced (hypomania) but depressive phases are so frequent and harsh. It took me so long to convince myself of the fact that my bipolar is still legit and not something I cooked up in my brain for attention. Same thing with my eating disorder. I'm overweight, brown skinned and anorexic and I hate how under represented we are in the media. For her to add to this toxic singular narrative not only boils my blood but is also so awfully triggering.

  9. I’m just gonna say I have NO idea who this person is but yikes

  10. I wish we would start stigmatising celebrity gossip, especially, if people who traffic in it claim what they say is true.

  11. Also congrats on the Social Work degree. My mom is a social worker and I have so much respect for people in the profession. It isn’t easy, nor is it the best paying job, yet it is so important. ❤️

  12. Shallon’s fans don’t hold her accountable, the irony considering she shames celebrity fans for doing the same.

  13. You straight up look like Binky Barnes. Mad ting.

  14. Love your videos, thanks for covering topics like this! Congrats on receiving your degree!

  15. Side note from the heavy topic of the video…but you have the cutest smile ever 🥺😭😭😭

  16. I never heard about her until now. Honestly, some of the stuff you referenced reminded me of dumb things i've seen people do online- Like take bets on when celebs would die, or how. I understand this is an "influence" which is probley why you talking about it. But, All this does is give exposure to a weirdo, not worthy of time or commentary.

  17. Selena Gomez got a kidney transplant because of her lupus…. I cannot believe this woman can say these things and think people believe them. I’m not even a Selena fan! Jeez

  18. i liked her so much when i first started to watch her but then i came across to her pride video… and that was a huge redflag and changed my whole perception of her. she basically says she is a lesbian who only kiss women when she get drunk but can’t do relationships or sex(wow okay) and then she says but she doesn’t like pride because it’s wrong to describe yourself by your sexuality. she was being homophobic and she’s such a huge manipulator then she even tries to look like she’s involved to the community, from my opinion kissing girls when drunk doesnt mean you’re gay. maybe heteroflexible but totally not gay. i mean how dare you. people are suffering. they’re dealing with rejection, and isolation, and bullying from government, and their families, and society. she has a lot of guts to say after 2 martinis she’s a lesbian. so fucking disrespectful.

  19. Low-key used to love her videos calling Kylie insecure purely because Kylie makes me insecure, oops forgot this content was vaguely problematic but honestly the Kardashians r fair game at this point

  20. Great video young lady. It was encouraging and upbeat without being mean. Shallon could learn a lot from you.

  21. I was a shower liner as shallon likes to call us, kinda degrading. But yeah totally agree with your video 🤘🏻 You’re awesome. Shallon is beyond…that’s the best term I can use.

  22. I love that she’ll try so hard to sprinkle hipster language in her videos to pretend she’s not an irrelevant old hag denying her real age. I’m also very surprised to see I wasn’t the only one watching her click baitty vids at some point then coming to the sad realization her existence is the actual problem. Cringe 😖!

    Me: watching Shallon – in real time judging like Shallon – what’s up with Shallons nose drip on every video !?! 🤯🤫🤔

    Unsubscribes immediately!

  23. It's interesting how so many people are capitalizing off of her. Go d'Angelo for starting a trend! And good for you for crediting him.

  24. 13:38 did you just refer to rehab as a 'mental hospital'…..? girl….

  25. 11:58 she never said she was diagnosed. Selena said she THINKS she has bipolar disorder.

  26. Yall must really love Selena huh? It’s YouTube commentary! 😩 You should take everything on this app with a grain of salt. Gosh, people are so sensitive. It’s commentary about entertainment. If you’re into celebrity gossip, light banter Shallon is your girl. She never said she was Sigmund Freud 🤦🏾‍♀️. My point is stop using your problems with your own issues to attack someone talking about an issue that really shouldn’t concern you.

  27. "I LiTeRaLlY aLmOsT hAvE a BaChElOr'S dEgReE"

  28. Yes girl, YES!!! MASTER OF SOCIAL WORK HERE 👩‍🏫 another youtuber had recommended her videos a few months back and when i watched i had the same reaction as you, pure anger! How dare this women diagnose this way with such a large platform. Shows just how uneducated on the topic she truly is! I couldnt understand why others worshipped her opinion so much. Shes a fraud!

    Congrats on your bachelors! Are you planning on going for masters? Here in NJ the masters is almost neccessary

  29. I used to watch her very excessively and for a long time, but I never really agreed with her. It was just very entertaining. I actually think she is too biased to give good advice, she fails to see both sides. I finally had enough when she kept blaming Taylor Swift for this super old Kim Kardashian/Kanye West Drama and kept praising Kim. She cannot be neutral whatsoever and she has to viciously speak about celebrities she can't stand. Too much bad energy from this woman.

  30. People actually often already disagree with her in the comments about what she says. I personally stopped doing that, because in one video she said that she profits off of the hate coming from Selena and Taylor Stans and that high engagement make her videos pop up on new potential viewers etc…she had been repeating toxic things she was called out for on purpose. So the best thing would then be to unfollow her and stop watching her videos. However, I guess the youtube drama is way more effective than calling her out on her bs in the comments.

  31. I used to watch her videos while painting my nails or washing the dishes because they're long and I shouldn't necessarily look at at the screen all the time. The first one I've watched popped in my recomendations because I like to watch celebrity content in general. I got mesmerized with how bitchy and delusional she was, once she was talking like a mean high school girl but she was this full grown up woman.

    The video was about Miley Cyrus and Liam's split, and she clearly wasn't neutral, she sounded like a hater. The more I watched the videos, more I could see a pattern of hate towards young women, but I just found them pretty entertaining, and besides I like to watch long talking vlogs from native english speakers so I can improve mine.

    It didn't make sense that people pay for relationships advices from someone who clearly doesn't have any clue at all. I was kinda expecting that exposed party about her to come. The best part of this is that I got the chance to discover a lot of super nice youtubers like Dangelo and you.

  32. I always thought for someone who always called people narcissistic she definitely seemed extremely narcissistic herself

  33. One good thing of this Shallon Lester mess is that I really started to see just how negative she was and I found someone like you. Thanks for all the positivity, you have one new subscriber 🙂

  34. She turned me off during her Evil Week – how to cheat and not get caught, destroying your enemies – she said she was a military sniper – she had to BRAG how clever she is, and getting ahead at work by manipulating everybody to do things for you and taking the credit! And having a threesome and how exhausting it is.

  35. that women taught me how to kiss on howcast when I was like 11 lol

  36. She came up in my recommendations (I was in aTaylor Swift music mood 😁) and she was talking about her. I kept on raising my brows in desbelieve at what she kept saying. For some reason her description seemed positive, but it was not what she was talking about it. I didn't finish seeing it, but I did click on another Taylor Swift titled video. Not a good choice- I didn't finish seeing that one either. She doesn't like Taylor Swift- you can tell, because in everything she said (or most of) she let you know that Taylor didn't do it the correct way. I mean I know not everyone likes Taylor Swift, but they acknowledge when she does something good atleast. After those failed videos I realized I didn't want to give her my views because she strikes me as someone that just gives out negativity and I want no part in that.

  37. this is completely unrelated to the topic but u are GLOWING in this video ur literally so beautiful im shocked more ppl are not commenting this

  38. she literally said justin’s lyme disease wasn’t real or literally any celebrity diagnosis

  39. The damage is done

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