The King: Eternal Monarch | Episode 3 Teaser | Netflix [ENG SUB]

The King: Eternal Monarch | Episode 3 Teaser | Netflix [ENG SUB]

When a king steps into a parallel world, he finally meets the one he’s been searching for—but the longer he stays, the more pressing his absence becomes back in his own world.
THE KING: ETERNAL MONARCH by hit writer Kim Eun-suk (GOBLIN) stars Lee Min-ho (INHERITORS), Kim Go-eun (GOBLIN), Woo Do-hwan (TEMPTED), Kim Kyung-nam (PRISON PLAYBOOK), Jung Eun-chae (THE GUEST), and Lee Jung-jin (THE K2).

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  1. I hope woo dohwan and kim yong ji meet again in the same scene😭😭😭

  2. ♥︎

  3. I will watch anything he is in good or bad..i love his acting..he is so good at it..

  4. K-drama involving two of my favorite interests: physics (parallel worlds & time-travel) and history.

  5. Lee Gon please comeback fast to Kingdom of Corea, Jo Yeong is worried sick.

  6. first, its LEE MIN HO then its a mysterious romantic comedy with suspense. How can anyone even imagine not seeing and get addicted to this!!!

  7. its not in netflex

  8. Dele like el quien quiera con audio en español

  9. I don't know why I freaking love lee min ho and suzy and their every drama. I wish they could get casted together someday.

  10. I Love this drama, ❤❤

  11. Omo! Kim Go Eun!! The fact that I still cant get enough of the GongEun fever but now i have no choice but to support your partnership with Lee Min Ho. As long as ive got to watch i again…

  12. Yeeeh~~~~
    KING IS Back
    I luv you Lee min ho 💕

  13. Is she going to travel at the other side????

  14. He definitely has amazing nose

  15. its one of the best dorama

  16. i will wait it!!!

  17. Idk why but this episode gives me CLOY vibes, the part where the rich person goes to another world and ends up being poor 😂😂😂

  18. Quando e qui o 3 episodio vai p netflix?

  19. Wow Netflix is really pushing this drama, hope it gets better!

  20. No chemistry. As couple or pair not alluring. 🙁

  21. Always same kind of story.. how not get bored?

  22. Kim go eun💜💜

  23. Best best best

  24. where can i watch it? there isn’t on netflix (in my country, italy) 🙁

  25. 😘😘😘😘leeminho

  26. When is it going to be uploaded in Netflix? its Wednesday today

  27. I like you

  28. Behind the series please

  29. where can i watch this drama? I live in UAE and it's not available on netflix here :/

  30. I think it is related to time travelling(just like The Flash)

  31. I hope the 3rd episode shouldn't be a let down like the 2nd one.

  32. I have a feeling that they will be apart from each other and be said when they become a couple…than the FL will try to get to his world or the ML will get to her world again or the ending would be them never getting to meet again. but still lets be optimistic haha

  33. Im just going to watch this because of Kim Go Eun.

  34. Cant wait 😭😭😘

  35. It’s torture waiting a week for the next episodes …… ahhhhh …… my first time to watch ongoing drama ….. but, for Lee Min Ho …… will use all the patience I have 😊☺️😉

  36. I just need more of Captain Jo

  37. She's cheating on Kim Shin

  38. Can ask something what the name of the actress who is the boss milk tea shop /photographer?

  39. Well it is not on Netflix… Am I the only one who can't fond it? #despair

  40. AH I’m dying for Friday to come….I hope soon he takes her back to his world

  41. I am from marrocco i can't find this drama in netflix please tell me way?????

  42. Irrelevant but why did I think the background song was James Charles singing "WOMP WOMP WOMP HEEEEY HEEEY

  43. why cant i find it in my netflix?!!!!!!!!!!


  45. There's something off with first 2 episodes but idk what was. I hope it will get better. The story is kinda you know a bit down, isn't something to be hyped about but whatever I'm rooting for the next episodes.

  46. Y don't u upload in utube😥😥😥

  47. Mari kita menunggu

  48. Maybe it could be like re:zero where you create another world everytime you change the past

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