SOLIDWORKS – Eliminate Prompts to Save Read Only Documents


Learn how to turn off prompts to save read only files in SOLIDWORKS. These prompts commonly appear when working with assemblies.

Quick Tip presented by Matt Aten of GoEngineer.

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  1. Before I called my VAR, it started working again…not sure what I did besides reboot. I also realized that if you edit toolbox component, it turns into "read only", then you have to un-check "read-only" in windows explorer file properties, as well as right-click the component in SW and choose "Get Write Access" from the drop down menu. Its more work than I would like, but it does the trick.

  2. I hate to say it….but it keeps coming back. I went to change the length of a bolt , which then I needed to update its new properties to call out the correct Part # in the BOM, then I got the message again that its a "read only" file. not sure whats going on now…

  3. I did have to right click the file in windows explorer to edit the properties, and uncheck the "read-only" attribute. Then it works just fine

  4. That did the trick!!!!! Now I can issue custom properties to my toolbox components. Thanks Matt!


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