Road Test: 2017 Jaguar XE – This Time, For Real


“The last Jaguar compact sports sedan we tested was the X-type. Don’t remember it? Well, that’s probably a good thing, as that Ford Contour based front-driver never made a serious impact here, or anywhere else for that matter. Just too much a parts bin car. Now, Jag is stepping back into that segment, and stepping up, with what may be a much more impactful car. This is the XE.”

Complete Road Test:

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  1. Just bought exact car today 5/2/2020. What a car to drive. Pulls like a rollercoaster. Nice

  2. This is the entry level XE. The entry level BMW 3-series is kinda similar inside. Best to compare apples.

  3. lol everyone always trashes the xtype. awd models 60% power to rear and 40% to the front. great car, and it at least LOOKED like a jag..tata basically ruined one of the most classic looking brands in the world it looks nothing like a jag and none of there models do either, its no longer a comfortable cruiser now its just another company trying to make everything "sporty" my 05 x type is still a very good car

  4. The brand manager for the XE for North America needs to be fired. Even as of 2019 you need to get the premium trim and then get xenon as an option. Most XEs you see will have halogen headlights that look like they came from 1995. This is on the heels of the Jetta, Corolla, Civic and others having LED as standard. So Jaguar charges a steep sum for an already outdated technology.

  5. Best chassis in its segment, great engine. Comments section full of people whinging about the type of bulb fitted in the headlamp unit!

  6. Everyone's complaining about the Halogen headlights, but doesn't every other car in the segment besides the A4 have them? I know the 3 series, C class, and the ATS have base halogen headlights.

  7. Ok, I test drove this. Looks GREAT from the outside, and feels great to drive. Let's be practical though, this car over all sucks. It's tiny as fuck, the backseats won't fit anyone. Backseat heat rest covers 80% of the rear window (5:41 see how the head rest is fucking covering up the entire thing??) , which means you can't see shit. The very basic model doesn't even have a camera and starts at 37,000. Yeah, you're welcome habibi.

  8. You're right , potholes and more potholes .
    But being smart on the inside is what Jaguar was all about , what has happened ????

  9. i would wait for the refreshed version in the interior .. the switch gear i.e. the turn signal stalk is too ecno and not luxury sport

  10. Americans saying shit about Jaguar now ,…. I mean Ford had it and they were shit at handling it and btw I have driven this and the BMW 3 series they both the same gear box, but Jag feels quick on acceleration and the steering isn't heavy compared to its German rivals.

  11. The Jaguar XJ and XF Portfolio have the best interiors this side of a Bentley, or at least they did before the Volvo S90 came out, but the rest of their lineup is just so bland, you could option up a Camry to be just as nice. They're charging BMW prices for a BMW competitor, yet their low to mid-range interiors don't even match Acura, let alone BMW. I get that it's sporty, but there are equally sporty sedans from BMW, Infiniti, and even dare I say Mazda that are much nicer than the XE. I know Tata can fix it, just look at how massive and rapid the improvements over the Ford XJ were, but whatever improvements they've got coming down the pipeline to match the rest of their updated lineup had better come soon, before the XE and XF "Prestige" get so cheap and outdated that it starts to hurt the rest of the Jaguar brand.

  12. Never made an impact anywhere else? the x-type was MASSIVELY popular here in the UK despite criticism. I still prefer it to this modern junk that looks so generic.

  13. Random comments from senseless freeze brains about this car and then some bizarre comparisons. Anybody who has driven the XE will vouch for its stupendous drive feel, incredible power and steering!! Nothing comes close to this magnificent beast.

  14. I think u guys tested a Base model, there r far more options for the interior but I do agree the interior is quite bland. The C class has the best interior design in this class followed closely by the Lexus Is before the rest come in. But the Jag has the best exterior design and is a breath of fresh air compared to its Audi and Bmw counterparts.

  15. Why do people write and make up such utter fucking nonsense and lies? The X-Type in it's day was Jaguar most successful model ever. Go look at the sales figures for fucks sake. It was also AWD in most guises and at time of lunch and was no more 'parts bin' than the S-Type/XF are, or indeed anything like an Audi, Skoda, SEAT or even Bentley are to VW. Total utter morons!

  16. They should never offer Halogens on any Jag. It's almost 2017. I'm no rich man but I haven't had a car with them in over a decade!

    I kind of like the interior though. I don't mind it being plain, it looks good to me.

  17. Hurrah, somebody who agrees with mr=e that modern jag interiors are just dull :o) Oh, and it's pronounced jag'you'are 😉

  18. Those halogen headlights really detract from the rest of the decent styling. I find it a bit boring, but not offensive. The interior just looks cheap on this test car…might be slightly better when equipped more liberally.

  19. Headlights looks like it was taken from the previous generation BMW 3 Series from 2006-2011 with the base halogen headlights.

  20. This Jag is a letdown in an area where Jag had very few peers: The interior. The $30k Chevy Malibu Premier or Ford Fusion Platinum have better ambience. In fact, I'm not seeing for much "luxury" at all.(those halogen DRLs/headlamps are 100% deal breakers).I love the performance, but then you have to live with the rest of the car. And I still think the Caddy ATS, Audi A4, and Infiniti Q50 look better.

  21. white with a brown interior…hideous combination! Like a slip-on loafer. Like the car though

  22. John has a sense of humor after all; "gorgeous"? Not ugly in the least but about as exciting as celery and PB.

  23. A friend owned a Jag 10 years, I guess when Ford owned them. What a piece of crap! Now, owned by Tata Motors of India.


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