Mobile Legends Hack (Proof) 🔥 – How to Hack Mobile Legends Battle Points and Diamonds


Mobile Legends Hack (Proof) 🔥 – How to Hack Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Battle Points and Diamonds (Android and iOS)

Get free Battle Points and Diamonds easy with this hack Works both for Android and iOS. How to use Mobile Legends Generator (Mobile Legends 2018). Mobile Legends Hack- Free Unlimited Diamonds [5 minutes]- Android iOS. Mobile Legends 2018 Hack- Free Unlimited Battle Points [5 minutes]- Android iOS.

Hey guys, you found the right video to get free unlimited Diamonds and Battle Points in Mobile Legends. We made a new Mobile Legends Hack, and a new Mobile Legends 2018 Generator use it to get free resources. Follow the instructions described in the video. If everything is done correctly you will get your Diamonds and Battle Points next time you are in game.

Instructions in the video:
Go to the website in the video^
1. Pick the amount of Points and coins and click “Generate
2. Enter your username and choose your device click “Continue”
3. Wait for the tool to process your request and click “Verify Now”
4. Pass the verification to receive the free Coins and Points instantly!
5. Check your game
Don’t forget to share the video with your friends for a surprise
For verification downlaod 1-3 apps.

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Mobile Legends is a an amazing moba game that everyone whol love moba games are playing, best moba for android or ios out there. How to hack Mobile Legends 2018.
This is the newest generator. Great creation of our team. To this date the only working generator and online hack for this game.

Download the game from here if you need :



  1. Could youndo it for me pleaseeeeeee because our connection is too slow
    Id 577462310
    Username Harvey the king

  2. Expeditetools ,com just helped me with a hacked transfer of $26,000 .They are awesome .

  3. can you do it for me.. send me diamonds i want to buy skin ni layla.
    code: kylejasperpaloma

  4. I tried each and every one of the sites for free free gems and gold and just GameCrook was real.

  5. guys,our signal here is poor,if it really does work,please give me any skin,my id is (502359318) (3345) I am desperate, if you guys send me,thanks alot❤️❤️

  6. Siapa Mau Diamonds FF Kirim Di Chanel Frontal Gaming Gw Temen Nya Frotal Kirim ID Ada Di Bawah Komends Di Chanel Frontal Gaming Silakan Like Suscribe Ya 🙂

  7. "5:24"
    Did you try GamesBugs ? Brother suggested me it and I must say that it's amazing… Give it a try – just G00GLE it and let me know results 🥰☘️


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