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K-pop super rookies ITZY tell us about their first live performance, first day as trainees and the first they they did after releasing their debut single

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  1. every time lia was talking yeji would copy the other members when they laughed or nod when she probably didn't even understand lmao

  2. Itzy didn’t tell them anything if chaeryoung and yuna didn’t speak. Itzy has 5 members not 3

  3. yall they look so tired. Chaeryeong LITERALLY looks like she's nodding off, and I can tell by how much they're all rocking back and forth that they're trying to keep themselves awake. Their voices lack a lot of energy; I hope they got a lot of sleep after this interview. 🙁

  4. I really thought Lia was the leader, she's like calm and can handle everything there. Btw the girls are gorgeous ❤️

  5. Who said that Lia did not contribute anything to the team!😫
    She could speak english fluently and help Itzy to promote themself on international tv shows while not every kpop group can have an opportunity do that.🤩🤩
    Please support her including the fact that she is still making efforts to do better
    *the fact that she's losing a lot of weight really breaks my heart😢💔

  6. This whole comeback Yeji and Lia have been bias wrecking tf out of me 😔 I'm trying to stay loyal to my girl Ryuuuu


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