Huawei P40 Pro vs Mate 30 Pro vs P30 Pro | Which Huawei Phone is Best For Me?


Comparing the Huawei P40 Pro with the older Mate 30 Pro and P30 Pro, to see if this 2020 flagship really does upgrade the camera tech, speed, battery life and overall specs. Have a squint at my full P40 Pro unboxing for a closer look at that hardware and EMUI 10.1 software.

I’m still a massive fan of last year’s P30 Pro, as you’ll know if you’ve watched my 2020 long term review. Likewise, the Mate 30 Pro offers some serious updates, including improved video shooting and a speedy Kirin 990 chipset. The P40 Pro further tweaks that primary camera lens, with a new large-pixel 50MP sensor, while bringing back the 5x optical zoom from the P30.

Battery life is solid with all three Huawei smartphones. You get a 4200mAh cell on the P-series handsets, while the Mate offers a 4500mAh battery. Wireless charging on all, but it’s faster on the P40 Pro and Mate 30 Pro.

If you’re after Google apps and services, your best bet is still the P30 Pro – after that, it’s Huawei’s App Gallery all the way.

So which blower are you most tempted by? Hope this comparison has helped!



  1. Honestly, when mate 30 pro initally release, i feel the design is ugly. A year later, i think it is one of the best design of smartphones.

  2. Could I use all the popular apps like WhatsApp, Viber, YouTube and many others on the latest Huawei mobile phones. If yes, how do I install them

  3. Look at that pwm flashing. Be nice if manufacturers would focus on fixing that garbage

  4. P30 pro's screen in comparison to the rest has these 'waves' human eye cannot catch without camera. Take a closer attention to it, it was a bit annoying to me

  5. im glad on my p30 pro here now it's time to get one cause their on sale as low as 550€,, yupp in papers the two new phones are more powerful but i think in reality its minimal,, and boy the last huawei flagship with Google

  6. superrr video!!!! wow huawei… i have p30 pro… and must bay p40 pro plus white… amazing huawei!!!

  7. P40 pro cameras are not even good like p30 or mate, S20 i really way better. This phone is a total failure.

  8. I'm happy with my mate 20pro but I would like to buy mate 30 or p40 Pro with Google when its available in India 🇮🇳

  9. P30 Pro, only because it’s “usable” due to GMS! But in terms of specs & latest & greatest, no doubt Mate 30 & P 40! It was definitely good comparison & nice to see all three flagships in a same video.

  10. Mate 30 is still my champion with it’s premium look and slightly cheaper price and still give u a great camera quality and great software

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  12. Hi Chrissy Shenanigans 🙂 I've had the mate 30pro for 6 months now, I used to be a Samsung man but got fed up with poor bat life, I can get 3 days plus, out of this bitch without having to insert anything into her 😉 the camera is more than adequate; apk wise I have what I need on the phone, so I'm staying married to Huawei for now. My only concern is the p40 has the switchable 90 hertz refresh rate, yet same battery amh, as the mate 30 pro. so does it justify the upgrade? me thinks not. stay safe.

  13. Im thinking of getting the p30 pro as it is cheaper and still a great phone. Im not happy with my k20 pro premium. Camera sucks even with gcam installed

  14. It's high time to get over that headphone jack. These cell phones should not be wired to anything

  15. P30 pro is the winner Chris simply because the others have no Google services hence making the software experience as enjoyable as the horrible MIUI from Xiaomi.

  16. As mate 30 pro user here's my thoughts

    Design (subjective) – Mate 30 pro (P30 pro is over used by many other and p40 pro is well its better but it's like samsung design even m30s use this design)

    SoC – P40 pro & Mate 30 pro especially if you get the 5g mate version

    – Main cam – P40 pro
    – Ultra wide angle – P40 pro & mate 30 pro
    – Zoom – P40 pro & P30 pro
    – Video – i bet p40 pro is almost same as mate since P is mostly photo focused (its huge still image upgrade) while mate is more of general upgrade while it's not major its prefecting older P series

    Well almost all same

    Biometric sensor
    Fingerprint – all same
    Face unlock – P40 pro and Mate 30 pro

    – capacity – mate 30 pro
    – Charging – all same unless wireless then P40 pro plus>p40 pro & mate 30 pro> p30 pro

    – P30 PRO win

    Overall ill wait mate 40 pro since there's slight downgrade in battery and the design is better on mate…. Unless they screw the battery on mate 40 pro oh and rhe SoC should be new when mate hit the market like what they did with mate 20 and mate 30

  17. Why u always putting weird wallpapers and then nothing is seen properly should leave default theme on phones..

  18. How you manage to download and makes the youtube and google maps works properly without google services? HOW?

  19. The P40 Pro turned out to be a much smaller upgrade over the P30 Pro than anticipated and coupled with a high price tag and no GMS, I don't really see the point in it. I bought a brand new P30 Pro for 410 euros in December during the Christmas sales, might have been one of the best purchases ever.


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