How to uninstall your network adapter


Micro Center Tech Support shows you how to uninstall and then re-install your network adapter. This may help if you are having problems connecting to the internet.



  1. It makes my WiFi really laggy on pc but normally on PS4 it is really fast should I uninstall it?

  2. hay bro ,my computer is showing
    Other devices/Ethernet Controller
    in decice manager what shuld i do

  3. I installed a WiFi booster that made my WiFi worse- I then did this but couldn’t work out which one to uninstall.. now I don’t have any WiFi and can’t get it back up!

  4. i Allready Know how to do ALL of That' ALL i Wanna Know is How to get RID of This Crap for GOOD.

  5. I accidentally removed the driver now I can't install it cuz no network I'm using my tablet

  6. I would love to check out the website since it didn't work, the only problem is I HAVE NO INTERNET!!!!!!!!

  7. I want to uninstall it and never have it again here since I have another external adapter, after I uninstall it appears again when I turn my pc back on…

  8. I have never had a vmware workstation and i looked its no where on my pc unless its hidden or something, anyway somehow vmware adapters got on my pc without me knowing , vmnet1 an vmnet 8 say they have invalid ips an are disconnecting me from the net contantly. Also its making my internet super slow an killing my signal strength is it safe to remove these? ive disabled them an that's made my internet slightly faster ( not by much) an im getting disconnected less but its still happening a lot. how do i get rid of this shit i cant seem to find out. all help is appreciated! oh also its not letting me connect to any other network (edit for this vid) -> would removing these adapters fix it? i dont know if i would want to reinstall them since i honestly have no idea how they got there to begin with

  9. hi sir,i have one problem i,e in last 2 weak the wifi is not connected in my shows there is no network found.But before 2 weak it works properly.Now the wifi is connected only if the distance is very less.So what i have to do?

  10. I permanently deleted it u ruined my entire life now how can I recover it 😑😑is there any solution

  11. I think I made a big mistake. I might have completely deleted the network adapter and now I cant even get any wifi. The reason I did this was because intel update utility said i needed to unistall Intel Network Connections because it couldnt receive updates. I didnt know this was how your actually supposed to do it. Is there any way to get the Intel Network Connections back without having to revert? The only backup I have is 3 months ago and ill have to lose alot of files there


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