How to uninstall office 2016 Office 365 on windows 10 windows 8 Computer


Link to Download Microsoft Office Uninstallation too :

Link with complete Steps :

Please leave me a comment if it works or not.

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  1. sir ik this is working but i didnt need this i can uninstall it succestfully btw i learned that i dont need office 2016 from u thx! 🙂

  2. I did this with 365 and now I have an error message "Microsoft Office uninstall configuration was not successful." Now I cannot remove it nor fix it. I keep getting this error. Help!

  3. After uninstallation,if i try to reinstallation it stuck at some percentage such as 51 with no erroe

  4. Sir please, they keep on telling me to install .NET framework version of the tool which I dont know and its still not working. Please help me

  5. Thank you… but I really don't get why one can't simply uninstall that useless bloatware… MS gets more weird with each version.

  6. Will this remove all my word files/excel spreadsheets etc etc if I unistall microsoft and re-install it?

  7. It doesn't work. The office doesn't appears on the control panel. Even running Office Uninstallation tool, it doesn't work. It seems the Office 365 is hidden, and Windows just can't see it.

  8. Not working on my Dell computer, Not listed in the control panel, and the uninstall tool does not seem to be working. When I remove thru apps and features, it removes from my user, but not the other users on the computer, and when a ew user is added, Office 2016 is included. How do you get rid of this beast that no one wants

  9. Thank you for the helpful information.

    Can you do a video, how can I download office 365 ( including all programmes) for free of cost?


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