How fast is a stock 2017 Camaro SS

How fast is a stock 2017 Camaro SS

2017 Camaro SS 0-60 and 1/4 mile times measured by Gtech pro in real world street situation

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  1. Comments are always welcome but seriously if your here to talk crap just move on your comments will be deleted if you dont like Camaros thats fine no need to bash my car I dont talk crap about anyones choice in cars enjoy the competition its giving us the best cars ever.

  2. How well did the camaros timer match up to that computer one?

  3. So if the 0-60 is the same as a 2019 Camaro ss…..would you say there the same speed?? Please lmk…I’m not sure if I wanna get a 2019 one if 2017 the same speed (stock)

  4. Awesome!

  5. 4.3 seconds is fast. I wonder what the supercharged engine does – but that seems plenty fast.

  6. Crazy how good of a trans you can get in a car under 40k now

  7. Dayumm nice 👍

  8. Do all 2ss camaros have launch

  9. Owning a 2017 Camaro SS myself i support this video 100%.

  10. How much do you pay for insurance? Your car sounds awesome btw 🙂

  11. I still have a screenshot of you having 32 subs so now your getting up there CONGRATULATIONS

  12. When you compare that to a standard 150 BHP road car in the UK 0–62  7.80s

  13. Damn that's not bad for stock. Hell of a low end pull and it wouldnt take much to get that top end

  14. What kind of exhaust u have on ther ? Sounds good bra

  15. awesome keep it going

  16. nice ride and even nicer Jorts Bro lol

  17. Nice ride …

  18. Just bought myself a New 2018 Camaro 1ss about 2 weeks ago, Garnet Red …. love it ….

  19. Add a cam to it then you'll be in the 11 seconds

  20. Auto is faster than 6 speed

  21. I hope you don't end up like Paul from Family Cruising.

  22. have you ever compared the 1/4 mile ET meter device thing with actual track times? How accurate is it? I thought about getting one.

  23. who needs old muscle cars anymore. I can get one of these used in a few more years.

  24. Are the paddle shifters delayed? Seems like it downshifts slower than the ones in my 370Z but launching in full auto seemslike it shifts fast in the video.

  25. I’m getting my 2018 1SS in 3 months and I just can’t not wait no longer

  26. this video was awesome! my favorite camaro vid on here. thanks for sharing. sheesh! bitch pulls

  27. From itsjusta6 <3

  28. Very nice man. It’s amazing what these automatics are doing these days.

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