Dragon City Hack – How To Hack Dragon City Android & iOS (2020)


Hello guys, in this video you can learn how to hack dragon city. This tool can generate gems ingame.

How does it work?
Honestly I have tested a lot of generators for dragon city but this is the only one who actually worked. And I have been trying for years without any success. My friend showed me this one and it is working for both Android and iOS devices.

However, this won’t make you a better player on dragon city. This is simply a generator tool and you have to know how to use the resources provided. If you want some tips keep reading:

– The first tip I tell people when they ask me about this game is you have to learn about the elemental dragons. Even though they are important you should not neglect the three other classes too, like hybrid or rare dragons.
– You should set lower times for food because harvesting takes a long time and consumes a lot of gold. The longer you spend on harvesting food, the money money it costs to complete the process.
– You have to know about dragon transformations when playing this game, for example the Egg is the first stage form which means it hasn’t hatched. Another example is Baby stage which requires your care and a lot of feeding!

If you enjoyed watching this video and you learned how to get free gems from watching this then it would mean a lot if you liked the video and upvoted my comment below.

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