2020 Mazda CX-5 review – the best large SUV to drive? | What Car?


Practical AND good to drive? Sounds good – tell me more… Well the Mazda CX-5 is designed to appeal to keen drivers as well as big families. Does it deliver? Watch our Mazda CX-5 review to find out!

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  1. 90% of comments related to Rebecca, Really rarely you can see talk about the car technical things and his experiment. I feel its not a professional motor channel

  2. The negative driving comfort comments are purely subjective and should be taken wit a gran of rice! I prefer a firmer suspension and would HATE driving a lifeless Honda !

  3. Interesting to see there are slight differences between the US and UK models of the CX-5 (aside from the obvious change of the driver sides). Thanks for the comprehensive review. I'm considering getting one of these! 🙂

  4. Correction:the Mazda cx-5 is a midsize SUV and Mazda's biggest SUV is the cx-9 Wich is a large suv

  5. Large SUV? Your kidding yourself. At best the CX-5, Ford Kuga (Escape) and RAV4 are its rivals. As usual the Kodiaq, and 5008 are half a class bigger. These are more in line with Mazda’s CX-8 and CX-9, the Mazda LARGE SUV.

  6. For the diesel version owners in the United Kingdom do you actually need to get ad blue fluid just like the American and Canadian version has? Because in the American and Canadian manuals it states that you have to refill it

  7. My two favourites were the cx5 and the Peugot 3008, I ended up with the Peugot 3008 gt line auto and I'm very pleased with it although I still love the looks of the Mazda.

  8. We get the better and bigger engines in Australia. Here it definitely is not a large SUV though. For that we get the CX-9. Sell more CX-5 here than any other medium SUV, although the new hybrid RAV4 pose a serious threat now.

  9. Have one, but won’t buy another, hate that when the outside temp is below 12 deg, the engine revs for 30 secs to 2000 rpm like an old school choke, can smell the diesel fumes from miles away. Drive a few minutes and stop the engine, then start it again and it revs again! Also don’t like that every 200km it does a dpf regen for 16 minutes of driving, engine note is loud and boomy, mpg drops to under 30 at best wrecking your careful driving. Maybe this new version has fixed those bugs. Would love a turbo petrol manual version, tried the 2.5 auto but was a poor engine and gearbox combo.

  10. I had the previous CX-5 model for 5 years. Great car to drive, and enjoyed it immensely. However, the auto-transmission ball-bearings disintegrated, sending shards of metal throughout the gearbox (see my video "Auto-Gearbox Bearings" – piperbob2) and the cost to me was £3,210 for the repair/replacement, plus £500 + for 4 weeks' car hire. A few months later, the front nearside wheel bearings also failed !

  11. Rav4H is still the king in 2019.
    CX-5 has nicer interior , better AWD system and better handling but RAV4H wins in fuel efficiency, cargo space , reliability and resale value.

  12. How can you say it's not as well screwed together as a Skoka Kodiaq? Sounds like complete and utter euro bias to me. It's probably better screwed together than a Skoda.


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