2018 BMW 530i FIRST DRIVE REVIEW – G30 5 Series


MotoMan drives another G30 BMW 5 Series – this time the 2018 BMW 530i – a BMW mid size sport sedan fitted with a turbo 4-cylinder engine. To demonstrate the difference between this BMW G30 5 Series and the 6 cylinder BMW 540i he drove north of San Francisco, he heads to Great Falls, Virginia – just outside of Washington DC to experience the now larger BMW 530i on some great northern Virginia roads . . .

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  1. Off topic, but do you plan on reviewing the arteon ? Im sure lot of viewers would like to get your take on that dumbed down drivetrain (from the EU spec model)

  2. The spec on this one your driving is not M sport, after ownership of my one i can safely say it is a sleek and smarty look with touches of aggression… the merc and audi are very ‘elegant’ which for me is not the look i like on these segments on cars

  3. it's weird, i traded in a 4-cylinder 3 series for a v-8 m550, and gas consumption is almost the same…. just 2 mpg less with the v8.

  4. I’d much rather drive the 6th Gen 5 series than the 7th. The looks are much better‼️ Looks a little chunky compared to the new one, but in this case, chunky is good.

  5. Good review! M package definitely looks better because of the aggressiveness. Real Sports mode is M5, real eco mode is 530e. They put all modes just make the buyer feel better value paying $55-60k.
    This is the model of one size fits 99% users. I understand his own opinions, this road is for sports mode.

  6. This is an old vid, so I assume the comment will be lost. I have that car (mine is a 520d xDrive) in that colour with the same exterior SE trim. But critically, I went for the G31 wagon, and it is very, very elegant with the Touring body.

  7. I own this car being a previous owner of the old serious and I can tell you're wrong

  8. To answer your question about handsomeness/uglyness? I think that the 530i you drove looks good enough. Its the 530 with the M Sport appearance package that better stands out! Any BMW model in an M-Sport looks much better.

  9. Been driving a loaner 530xi for nearly a week now…. and I love it. Owned a E28 and E34 for over 20 yrs. Great in their own ways, styling, feel, sound, handling etc….. but I would easily take this 2018 over either of the other fives. It's such a pleasant, comfortable, superbly balanced, and economical car. Great styling and comfort, and fits me very well. It is big though. Like really big. It's as long as a E32 735i, and heavier (but you don't notice the weight that much). My E34 looks and feels like a older 3 in comparison. It's going to hard to give this car back. Also loved the 2018 X3 too. Absolutely right about the engine, you'd never know it was a 4. So smooth and quiet. More so than my M50. And more powerful and economical. Got 42 mpg hwy, and city driving in a 1 hr. trip. Best car I've driven since the X3. It is not as fully-loaded as this car, and has plenty of seat adjustments. I do wish BMW, and a lot of other car makers, would put just a little more padding/foam in their seat cushions. And auto-wipers that were more sensitive to rain. Lastly, it would be nice to have 3 dimming mirrors that covered the entire glass – annoying having the 1/16" perimeter/frame of light glare. Minor things, for an otherwise, superb vehicle.

  10. That type of wood dash looks like that plastic stuff they used to line kitchen shelves with in the 70s.

  11. I would choose the 530d. Unfortunately my company car policy means what I am actually getting is a 520d but that's close enough.

  12. MotoMan: Thanks for a super good BMW rating.
    No doubt here – 6 or 8 cylinders will always be my choice.
    I have a BMW 530i e39 from 2002 and apart from the seats – here in this car – I think my old BMW is a more handsome car.
    IMO, the 5 Series E39 will go into history as the most timeless BMW.
    In my country – Denmark – we have probably the most expensive cars in the world because of a tower high charge to the state. (So we have many small cars)
    A bit of fun, even though I'm 66, I can allow myself to be a BMW fanboy. (Big smile)
    Dansk: Hilser alle BMW ejere i verden.

  13. I sat in the showroom 540 a few days ago and spent quite a while with it — while my car was in for service. It is one hell of a nice car. I wish they put that much quality into their more pedestrian cars, like the 3 series (which I own), and which feels like a piece of junk next to this thing. Anyway, the optional seats were insanely comfortable — loved them– would certainly spend the money for those!!! BUT yes, the outside is VERY BLAND! They need to fix that. Even the M-sport package looks bland on this thing.

  14. The "look" of this adapts with options. Looking at a 4 cylinder but with some nice shadowline grille options ($300) and wheel upgrades. In Miami city traffic, it drove very well. Currently have a 550 (too much car for a city) but this drove VERY well. Something to stress- "do you walk away from your car, turn around, and think- darn, thats attractive?!" With the right upgrades on this G30, I think the answer is YES.

  15. Looks better than E class but not handsome because it is known to have a 4 cylinder engine… if I didn’t know it was a 530 i would probably find the car handsome if you see where i’m going. I drive a 550 e60 sport 2008 with the aero kit. That’s a handsome car!

  16. I would love to own the g35 540i because it’s a 6 cylinder bmw and bmw’s are known for there 6 cylinders. Not saying that the 4 cylinder engine is bad but I’m more about the power

  17. I'm from the UK so I would go for the 530e. This is the difference of about £300 a month in company car tax between the 530e and 530i to me!!!

    As someone has said the 140i/240i is amounts the best of the beemers at the moment, in no small part because it is such a bargain. So much car for so little cash. Winner!

  18. No, I’m not here for sport mode. I’m here for comfort mode. It sucks that most reviewers stereotype all consumers to be juvenile, fast and furious wannabes. Most consumers who are buying this car are adult professionals who want a relaxing, comfortable, and stylish car to drive home into. And no, we won’t be doing slaloms on the freeway during rush hour, after a long and tedious 8hr work day.

    Reviewers should not neglect COMFORT in reviewing luxury cars. All this sport focus reviews are getting annoying.

  19. Can you please do a head2head between 2018 Honda Accord 2.0 T
    VS 2018 Mercedes Benz E 4 doors turbo?

  20. Love your reviews Motoman. I decided to go with the 2018 M550i. The 530 is just plain underpowered for this car @4300 lbs. I'm sure this is a great engine but it's better suited for the 1 or 2 series. Maybe if they got this car under 2 tons, but they didn't.

    This is how I would have have done the G30. The 540i would've been the base model. Then a 545i would use the same engine with two twin-scrolled turbos, generating anywhere between 375 to 400hp, with around 360 to 400 ft-lbs of torque… and of course the M550i (an outstanding vehicle by the way) would remain the top end.

    This is my first BMW 5-series and I absolutely love this car. This car can be a luxury sedan or a track car. Anyone who says this isn't a track car knows shit about cars.

  21. I own a 2017 BMW 530i and I agree it's not ugly but it doesn't stand out. It easily blends in with the other cars on road with the sweeping lines. The 4 cylinder is great except when you have 4 full size adults. With that being said I would have should have chosen the 540 (6-Cyclinder). You can feel the engine working harder vs when I drive it alone. It's a great daily driver and very quiet with a lot of tech.

  22. Why does he keep on saying “we’re not here for comfort mode”? I don’t think people who are checking out the 5 series are all drag racers. So why is he generally assuming that we’re not here for comfort but sportiness? Another sport biased reviewer, thinking that all consumers are race car drivers wannabes.

  23. All these 4 cylinder 5 series are for the lease market! The additional costs for options from BMW and a 4 cylinder? Keep it for the lease market where the folks in the market don't care about the motor, they just want to own it for a couple of years and trade it in on the next model! Sadly, this is where most premium automakers are headed with their cars anymore! Lets face it, the American market is all about SUVs and not the 5 series any longer. Just no passion with the 4 cylinder! The 540? Sure! The 550 4 sure! But this 530i? Not remotely close!

  24. So the fact that I own a BMW X5 XDrive40e and love it, I would choose the 530e. I really like the power delivery especially right from 0 rmp. You comment about the 4 cylinder engine is dead on, you don't even notice. You have plenty of power for that large of a vehicle and oh by the way, our lifetime mpg for our X5 XDrive40e is 27 mpg over 5000 miles! And no, we do not drive conservatively 🤣 Great video thanks for the info cheers!

  25. 530i for the rear wheel drive and the fact that we don't get the 540 in India. But we do get the 530d I6 diesel and that's a beast with unrelenting 630 Nm (some 470 lb-ft) of torque!!


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