2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class – Review and Road Test


What if you want flagship sedan goodness in a smaller, more midsize package? Thy name is the 10th generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

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  1. Price Mercedes E-Class 2019:
    Mercedes E200 –> https://mercedesbenzvn.com/mercedes-benz-e200/
    Mercedes E200 Sport –> https://mercedesbenzvn.com/mercedes-benz-e200-sport-2019/
    Mercedes E300 AMG –> https://mercedesbenzvn.com/mercedes-benz-e300-amg/

  2. It sucks that 4Matics of any class are so hard to come by in California. They practically have to order them specifically for you. Looking to get this E300 4Matic, great review!!

  3. Saw some familiar streets in Corona del Mar and Newport Coast where these cars are seen daily.

  4. All those interfaces. What a way to enjoy driving. Id like to see simple, nimble and powerful. Not this BS wanker crap.

  5. My neighbor has this car. He is an old retired man. Suits him perfectly. In my opinion, most Mercedes these days look like an old man’s car. Kind of like how Lexus used to be. Even Lexus is getting creative and youthful with their current designs.

  6. Totally pointless review, no point in reviewing a car then getting one pimped with loads of extras incl air suspension and tellin us the base model is just as comfy??why??? , And 25 mpg???? have americans never heard of diesels??? 60+mpg pretty much same power, u dont have to use up all the worlds fossil fuels on your own???

  7. I’ve seen this car on the road, and every time I confuse it for a smaller S class. Seems kind of lazy for all their sedans to look very similar.

  8. I'm a chauffeur and I drive a 2018 Mercedes e 200cdi and spending ton of time driving it I'd say it is wonderful! Only con is that pairing your phone is a bit too complicated. I'm an Audi guy, but I'd rather get this than the new A6.

  9. ny porsche life probably driving around in a banged up mini living in a dream world….thinking one day i will lease a porshe cunt like him will be dead before he can own one

  10. I wouldn’t buy one, I was going to… I went to the dealer and they didn’t have one on the lot that had leather. They all had the Mercedes vinyl, it’s like a stripped Work truck has vinyl. They all had 2.0L 4Cyl’s too. All of them were above $60,000. No leather and 4 cyl, you have better options for that price with leather and a real engine. It wasn’t impressive.

  11. i can see how that little bit of sun getting through the roof being really annoying daily.

  12. I used to LOVE everything about the previous E class……. BIG stretch to even admitting to “ liking “ this one… if fact Benz is rolling some ugly ass cars out lately !


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