2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Quick Drive | Consumer Reports


Mercedes’ redesigned E-Class sticks to the brand’s family values. It enjoys an opulent interior and the latest in electronic driving aids, but as you’d expect, it doesn’t come cheap. 

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  1. Thinking of getting a 2017 or 18 used a class with Carmax of course I would be getting the five year warranty! Currently have a 2018 Honda accord touring yes big jump LOL I love all the bells and whistle‘s in it! But I think I’m ready for something Lux with premium comfort! Is the format it worth it? And what about the upgraded suspension?

  2. he should end with the sentence ..( AND RELIABILITY BELOW. THE BELOW AVERAGE ) i would suggest you to lease it instead of long term ownership !!

  3. I remember when you actually had a choice without going with the AMG setup… E320, E430, E500… everyone throws AMG in your face, I had a 1999 E430, soft suspension, some extra stuff inside that made it nicer, and a smooth quiet V8 which was I believe 275hp, the AMG doesn’t ride the same, doesn’t have the same seats, doesn’t have the same interior trim and gets a little intrusively noisy. Not everyone is looking for a high performance edition. Just because you want a V8 or V6 for $70k doesn’t mean you want to go to the drag strip on the weekend. You want to get on the freeway with some enthusiasm, or pass a truck on a long road trip comfortably, or go up a hill without squeezing everything out of the engine and downshifting a bunch.

  4. UGLY PIECE OF SHIT 2017-2018. Why bother to buy these new wannabe E and C class when you can buy real S class model. Enough with these pathetic bullshit ideas, Dr. Dieter Zetsche. You need to fire your executive management.

  5. I don't get the hate for the 4-cylinder engine. A modern 4-cylinder engine can be refined and smooth. Back in the mid-2000s I actually worked for a Mercedes-Benz dealership and got to experience their new 4-cylinder engines; and they were very impressive. They were smooth, well-balanced and made a refined impression on me. And believe me, I drove older 4-cylinder Mercedes' from the '90s and those engines didn't place much emphasis on refinement.

    This latest 4-cylinder from the company must be amazing. I really don't get the hate. My daily driver is a 2007 BMW 118i and the 4-cylinder motor powering it is smooth in all situations and also when I am cruising at 130 and 140 km/h (it's loud when I am hitting 160 km/h+). In the US you don't even get to go over those speeds on the highway, so quit whining. You can be sure that Mercedes' has fitted the engine compartment and the cabin with sound isolating material, which will very likely eliminate most of the "noise" from the 4-cylinder engine.

    At the end of the day Mercedes' is giving consumers a choice: and that's part of the appeal of a luxury car. Not all luxury car shoppers care about power, and this 4-cylinder motor is both powerful and fuel-efficient. Some buyers place more emphasis on features, comfort etc. and the E-Class definitely delivers on that no matter what engine is powering it.

    Personally, I would go for an E220d (I live in Europe) and that's a diesel 4-cylinder. This engine is the perfect balance between performance and fuel economy. To me that's part of my view of what a luxury car is. If someone else desires more power then they can go for a more powerful V6 or V8-powered E-Class.

    CHOICE. That's what Mercedes' offers its customers.

  6. Guys… what is so hard to understand… when you review cars, it is not your good looking faces behind the whee that we are interested to see. We are not interested in seeing your face while you drive. We are interested in the actual car. faces can show facial expressions, that's still not what we want. We want a camera that points to your steering wheel / front when you drive. As soon as we click we are being served something other than we were hoping to see. A bit like being sucked into a video that's different from what we wanted.

  7. I don't understand why Merc and BMW have this new trend of having their lower class 4-doors look like their flagship models. I love the looks of the new S-Class and 7-Series as much as anybody else, but having your other models share the same design makes it look confusing, and honestly, kinda lazy. But hey, I don't have the money for any spanking new Merc except maybe a CLA, but those things are bleh so what kind of authority do I have to critique their vehicles.

  8. I wouldn't pay for this car more the 40k fully loaded.Hyundai sonata turbo or Kia Optima turbo have same power lol

  9. Blue LED interior lights? What is this the Berlin Love Parade?

    And no, 3 min hands free autopilot is much better.

  10. that bumper makes & headlights make it look cheap. I love looking at the 2015 E Class what a cool looking machine

  11. Why would anyone WANT to take their hands off of the steering wheel for 30 seconds? Are you driving the car? Or aren't you?

  12. Were the high beams on for the entire video? I can't imagine encountering those on the road if they're low beams!

  13. This car should be called the E200. $70,000 and all you get is a turbo charged 4 cylinder sewing machine? To paraphrase an old saying, you can fool some of the people all of the time, all the people some of the time, but here is where mercedes makes first class fools of their customer base.

  14. First!
    I notice that Mercedes-Benz products are luxurious and can have very advanced optional features, but they are no where near as price-competitive as Cadillacs or Lexus products. For example, a fully-loaded C300 without 4Matic costs about $63,000.

  15. It looks downmarket because now it resembles the cheap CLA and C Classes very strongly. Unfortunate. Also, why does Consumer Reports care that the engine is loud from the outside at idle? What a non-problem!

  16. I live around the corner from your test track. Can I take a run down the quarter-mile with my car? 🙂

  17. I can't understand how backwards thinking CR is when they prefer holding the wheel every 30 secs over the tesla's autopilot. And also, you can easily override the tesla autopilot system by torquing the steering wheel.

  18. They outdid themselves with the new redesign. however they should have at least continued to use the V6 that was in the previous one. hopefully it'll be as reliable as the last gen.

  19. Why is 30 seconds of autopilot better than 3 minutes? The Autopilot on the E class is a joke compared to the one on my Model S.

  20. Thumbs DOWN !! Saying that the autopilot feature is better than the Tesla because it does less WTF !!

  21. It's a shame that the signature Mercedes hood ornament and luxury grille is only available with the base engine. The C class has the same problem. Very disappointed.

    The Mercedes' navigation/stereo system is also the most user-unfriendly in the industry, it's too much of a distraction for driving!


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