2017 Mercedes Benz E Class: E300 Sedan Full Review /Exhaust /Start Up /Short Drive

2017 Mercedes Benz E Class: E300 Sedan Full Review /Exhaust /Start Up /Short Drive

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2017 Mercedes Benz E300 dressed beautifully in Polar White with Macchiato Beige/Black Mb Text Leather Interior. In This Video, We will do a full review of the interior as well as the exterior, will start it up, listen to the exhaust Sound as well as take it out for a short drive. Hope you guys enjoyed and Dont forget to give me a BIG THUMBS UP =)

2017 Mercedes Benz E300 Base Listed @ $52,150
The one Feature on this Video is Listed @ $57,675

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  1. Well Im looking to get the 2017/2018 E Class in about 2-3 months I can’t wait I already have an SUV and love it just prefer an car as well to add to my collection

  2. Fabulous!

  3. What is price please

  4. Today I just got mine, is a gorgeous car

  5. Most beautiful car. I specialy like the Symbol of Mercedes-Benz

  6. My God! His voice is soooooo…. Damn Annoying… I couldn't watch this… So, Hit the like button and don't forget to subscribe… Buy…

  7. Love this car. Beautiful, understated class. I'd get the other {brown} trim inside but if I could have any car this would be it. Perfect size. I like this better than the Audi A6 or any BMW. The BMW 640 I or 650 I are beautiful cars but a little too "sporty" for me. Who really needs a car which does 0-60 in 4 seconds {this does it in 6 seconds.} Who cares? Beautiful car.

  8. 13:14 to bad it isn't a touchscreen.

  9. front and rear bumbah

  10. ,👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍

  11. i dont now why im watchin this video wen i cant afford 1

  12. اوماي قاد

  13. Hey guys watch my tribute if you will to my E class! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZUqWoFS8Jo&t=3s

  14. Fried rice prease

  15. This guy sounds like a robot!

  16. It looks like a cross between the S-Class and the C-Class.

  17. what the panic button exactly do?

  18. Awesome video.

  19. This car or Audi A8? Or A7? Plz dont say a8 competes with s class or a7 competes with cls. Its just that cls is outdated and s class is more expensive.

  20. whats title name this music ?

  21. The BMW 3, 5 and 7 series all have similar front and rear identities.  Mercedes just made there line up for the C, E, and S class somewhat similar in style.  Not sure why the homogeneous car lineup helps a consumer choose one over the other, but to me its just boring and uninnovative.  Would rather see the mid car size have its own identity while staying true to the brand.  What is the point of buying an S class now?

  22. Does it have soft close doors ?

  23. is happy rider on YouTube stealing your videos?

  24. song ?

  25. Love your videos man. Keep up the good work😀

  26. music please

  27. Awesome car but it's a little overpriced like all Mercedes.

  28. What do u use for ur editing mo

  29. Yeah this is like a mid size copy cat of the S-class to TBH. Wonder what the new E63 will be like.

  30. im 99% sure that automototube guy is you

  31. This car is just awesome. I love it. Absolutely best in class. Same with the ct6. Can't wait to see what the new BMW 5 and Audi A6 is going to be all about.

  32. I really like this car but I wouldn't get it unless I am 50+ years old. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the car but I want to enjoy sports car while I am young. C Class is probably the only car I would get at under 50 years old.

  33. The huge cluster is terrible!

  34. What happened to your CLA 45? Also congratulations on your new M6 Gran Coupe!!!

  35. Are you related to Happyrider2011?

  36. Your car is bmw 535 right?

  37. this car don't have a personality mercedes is making all car boring look the same and car controlling it. self more then driver

  38. Why are they making all the sedans (E,C,S class) all look the same? E class even has the same interior as S class. Does this not devalue the S class?

  39. This looks almost exactly like the C. Why not just get a C and save money? If you step up to an E, you want people to notice you spent more money. The car has to distinguish itself in the lineup.

  40. Nice m8

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