MotoMan drives the 2017 Mercedes AMG C63 S Coupe at the famed Circuit Ascari in the outskirts of Malaga, Spain. It is on the surrounding scenic roads and through the use of some graphic technical show & tell that he demonstrates the impact of the many small and large changes Mercedes Benz & AMG engineers made to the C Class in its transformation from Mercedes C Class sedan to Mercedes Benz C Class coupe to AMG performance car . . .

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  1. Amazing review even after all of these years you're one of the reasons why I purchased a c63s thanks again

  2. Excellent review, MotoMan! One of the most thorough that I have yet seen on these cars. And I do believe that the C63 S AMG is acting as a more affordable halo car for MB in many ways. It looks, sounds and drives beautifully!

  3. I think this car is amazing….but to touch on your question at the end…I've driven every single C63 since they first came out and every year they get more and more refined…better….more responsive and more efficient, not to even mention better looking with great spec options. With that said…what keeps them in a "hot-rod" fashion IS the exhaust note. They (AMG) are in a league of their own and other performance sectors of other companies are always trying to "catch up" or "beat" the AMG…at least that what it feels like to me. MB_AMG are always ahead of the curve and are worth every single penny in my opinion. What really separates the AMG from the RS or S or M models for me is the steering and exhaust notes….just on another level. Great review.

  4. The AMG GT range are halo cars. The C63 S is the car you buy if you want the GT but you cannot afford the £110k+ asking prices. You "settle" for the semi-skimmed £75k or £65k versions (prices includes options).

  5. How did you like the AMG Performance Seats in the C63s compared to the Standard Sports seats in the C450 AMG? Were the Performance Seats comfortable? Which would be better overall for a track / daily driver?

  6. Bought one today. This thing is a beast! I compare it to a sexy woman with an attitude problem. I love it!

  7. Just ordered one of these completely decked out in black. Being built and shipped over mid October. Can not wait!

  8. More of a BMW guy but this Coupe is absolutely beautiful, espeically in this color package. Excluding that damn ipad in the dash that everyone is doing now it's almost perfect. God I wish they wouldn't the dash could look so much better.

  9. Just saw the new C model coupé today and no picture justifies the beauty of this car. It's in my book even more beautiful than the S Coupé.


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