2017 Mercedes Benz C63 S AMG CONVERTIBLE FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 2)

2017 Mercedes Benz C63 S AMG CONVERTIBLE FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 2)

MotoMan heads to Italy & Slovenia to drive the 2017 Mercedes Benz C63s AMG Convertible to demonstrate the impact of additional weight, reduced structural rigidity and a trick folding top have on a 503 HP Twin Turbo V8 German hotrod that worked VERY well on a track . . . Along the way, he finds some surprises – both from the Mercedes AMG Convertible and Slovenia . . .

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  1. Very good review

  2. )

  3. What a beautiful car…..till you see the rag top. Dam.

  4. Very poor quality!
    The sensor failed to detect electricity pole 50cm diameter, my bumper was hit.
    showed the dashcam video to Benz, they said it's normal, you need give the final check by yourself
    they said you need to go to the court to have them to fix the problem.

  5. For Gods sake its pronounced coopay. Chickens live in a coup

  6. That intake gives me hydrolock anxiety

  7. waiting for him to talk about the comfort of the seats. And it never happened. So I assume it isn't that great. I'm getting one and having difficulty on deciding which seat to go with.

  8. the convertible is a chick magnet . the coupe isn't.

  9. Vb

  10. I like convertible but I don't like the look of the back. They are all round. They need to make the back look sharper.

  11. Let's not forget that convertibles are used for cruising and enjoying the sights. I never owned a car that is not a convertible, I driven a lot of cars in my life, but convertibles are something you love and not because they are the fastest or the safest, but because they give you a sense of hedonism, freedom and relaxation while cruising down the road,

  12. Best car ever

  13. Am I the only one wondering where is this cars battery?

  14. Hey MotoMan love your reviews. I live Sydney Australia on the Northern Beaches and have just taken delivery of my 2017 AMG C63s convertible. We have the perfect climate here for a convertible and I will be using the car mainly to cruise up and down the coast and check out the surf. I have previously owned an 09 C63 sedan and just traded my M6 for this beast. Love this car, would recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing one!!!

  15. I would like your thoughts on all these new Matt colours Mercedes are offering?

  16. Reason ? Sound! The only reason you get this car, is for power and sound. Let's be honest here, for driving on back roads, have some fun and listening to the glorious rumble, driving dynamics will probably be enough for most of us.

  17. C43 so I don't kill myself with all that power. Maybe get a C400 if it comes to the US.
    Great review!

  18. Doing a great job, It is really unfair at this point in time you having this number of views. you are the best of the best…nobody comes any close to how this man is doing his thing.

  19. Sexy C63

  20. How do you open the boot? With out the key can you? Do you press on the reversing camera on the back
    Tell please people!

  21. This guy deserves way more subscribers. I wish he would do some Acura's.

  22. Croatia side of Italy?

  23. ////AMG !!!

  24. You drove past my house at 9:14

  25. Looks like im selling my c63 amg 15 plate

  26. iu would buy zhis one in blue and 20 inch wheels on it with beige inetrior and wood trim … im dorm slovenia

  27. Have u noticed that Mercedes doesn't put fog lights on any of their latest cars..I'm used to seeing a set of four lights on the front

  28. Is he the Vogel for my Chemistry books whilst at university?Nice engine job and wonderful review.

  29. Trst je naš! 🇸🇮

  30. very good review
    but… WHAT ARE THOSE ? 😂

  31. Why does Mercedes still use soft tops in 2017 why not stick with the hard tops?

  32. Croatia side of Italy? Croatia is completely different country, on the other side of Adriatic sea. You are very good journalist, nothing escapes you. How could you make such mistake?

  33. Next time you are in the area you shoul try the road from Gorizia to Tolmin and then toward Bovec. Check it out on Google street view.

  34. hey Motoman, out of curiosity since you've driven both the Coupe and the Convertible – how much louder is the Convertible on the inside? Is it to the point of annoyance? I have a Coupe on order, but a Convertible is really nice 😛

  35. In answer to your previous video on soft vs hard top, I live in Canada and feel as though a hardtop would be a better winter car vs the soft top. Note I've never owned a convertible, just perception and info from my friend's who have convertibles.

  36. so which is lightest the sedan or coupe? thought the coupe was supposed to be lightest

  37. Croatian side of Italy..!? Trieste was never Croatian to begin with

  38. Look at those rims😍

  39. Now step up the game with a 4K camera, MotoMan 🙂

  40. Having a convertible with lots of power means you can enjoy the best of your driving surrounding while listening to the growing of your car!btw z06 or c63s convertible!


  42. I wish it were a hard top. I find soft-top quite irksome and cheap.

  43. What's the price? Can't find it anywhere

  44. That little extra pop up lip thing at the top of the windshield…..horrific.

  45. Talking of the Dawn I would take the C 63s over it !

  46. moto man, can you please try the audi R8 the new v10, not the plus tho and do similar review as the porsche.

  47. haha we made a test , Dacia diesel vs V8 Mercedes C class (older) …
    If you put traffic jams, traffic lights and fuel distance into calculation, at the end , the mercedes was only 3 minutes faster at destination than the dacia. This shows all M3 , M4 , all AMG are USELESS !

  48. People from europe.where the fuck is the Croazia side of Italy?

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