2017 Mercedes Benz C300 Coupe FIRST DRIVE REVIEW


MotoMan drives the 2017 Mercedes C300 Coupe on the roads above Malaga, Spain to answer one question: Is this two door Turbo charged 4 cylinder Mercedes Benz a real coupe or just a Mercedes Benz C300 sedan with the rear doors removed . . .

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  1. I own one and i use it as a fun free time car, which only leaves the garage for joyrides.

  2. Dallas, Single, No kids, and i'd basically take it on Long night-time cruises on curvy/flat farm to market roads with music blaring and windows down

  3. Just got mine! Brand new United Kingdom 2017 C300 Coupe AMG Line Premium Plus Polar white with Night Pack styling! I love it! Lots of thumbs up!

  4. Really pretty car! I personally love the interior including the screen but if I was to buy this coupe I would feel cheated with a 4 cylinder turbo instead of their normally aspirated sweet v6.

  5. I lease my cars every 3 years. I pick this bad boy up in May 2016. 4 matic in the Selenite Grey Metallic with the ivory interior. Absolutely love the car. I also was skeptical because of the display screen on the dash. Once I drove the car I didn't even notice it anymore. The handling and response of this vehicle is awesome.

  6. Own it love it, mid 30s couple, drive it to- work, dinner, shopping, dog gets in the back. Had the ecoupe for years but in the city it was a bumpy ride. this being about 10 inches longer than the e, much smoother. I live in comfort mode, and when I hit the expressway sport or sport+.

  7. 25, Miami, DailyPicked this vehicle up yesterday for my fiancé. She had a Roadster and I  daily drive a 16 Corvette. We needed something that had back seats. We don't have kids but we do like to take her younger sister out to the mall or theater weekly. Got tired of having to drive to cars to get anywhere when we had a friend over. This car looks good here, but looks better in person. specifically the interior. Would I like the new Benz dual screen integrated system? Yes! But this looks really good for what it is. Power is decent for trips around town and to commute. Can't comment of fuel yet. Overall its some big bang for your buck. Good job Benz.  Good review MotoManTV.

  8. Really, MotoMan? MB on their official website claims that sedan and coupe are identical in width – 1810 mm (without mirrors).

  9. +MotomanTV I'm a business professional working in NYC who parks my car in the lot everyday. Don't really enjoy it until the weekend.

    Currently driving the Infiniti Q50 AWD Sport. I like it a lot but don't love it as I love coupes. Long story for another day. I have seen the C300 on the road already but I would lose two cylinders over my V6 Engine doesn't bode well. I'm pushing 328 HP roughly 11.5 lbs per 1 HP. If I did step into this benz C300 that thing will be lugging 15 lbs per 1 HP. I have a feeling the C300 will drive like a dog. Plus I'm not so certain I would enjoy the steering of the Benz either. Feels like you need the AMG to get a better sport feel.

    When I'm done with Infiniti I may go with the Q60 400 HP. If they put in the G37 rack and not the drive by wire it will be awesome. Now the C300 to AMG C43…that's another $20k on top over this overpriced $55k coupe. So you're near like $75k 🙁

    Not a very good value proposition over the Infiniti Q60. But will see….I love the design of the C300 but that 4 Cylinder Turbo isn't cutting it. Or am I just wrong and need to drive it? What's your impressions of the power and steering? I bet its nice and day versus the AMG C43

    Thanks for a great video as always George.

  10. I love Mercedes but what's upsetting is all their series has 6+ different cars, non are manual, wtf. The c-series alone has 6 different variants all 'automatic'.

  11. Saudi Arabia , Single ,
    I'll use it mainly as only a luxury car and brag about it on my friends XD
    but i'm sure later on i'll be driving it like a sport car 🙂

  12. ever since Tesla, Mercedes and others who have been juggernauts for years just doesn't impress any more… they're just blah, old school.

  13. St. Petersburg, FL. Single, no kids, shuttle myself from hospital to hospital where I work within the county and beach stuff on weekends. I've really contemplated something like the C450 AMG for the power but frankly it is hard to open anything up where I live.

  14. :)) in America you guys test drive the cars in a very low speed in Europe we truly test the car to see how it handles not at 20 kph !!!


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