003 – Maunual Uninstall/Install Wacom Driver on Mac


Third video in a series of videos about installing and uninstalling Wacom Drivers. This one is for uninstall a current driver and re-installing it on a Mac.



  1. This driver thing has driven me mad. I literally smashed the desk and scream ffs when it stops working. but hey there's always a calm guy on youtube to save the day.

  2. I need to watch this video at least 3 times per year because my drivers become crazy 😂
    Thank you!

  3. This actually is not informative, this is NOT a manual uninstall – you are using the uninstaller function of the Wacom tablet software. I ran into a problem when I tried to update my Intous 5 Touch tablet and I kept getting an error stating that there were previous versions of the software installed and to remove them first. I reinstalled the original drivers a couple of times and used the uninstaller, which didn't work – same error message.

    Eventually I had to use the Spotlight search and use the keywords "tablet", "Wacom" and "Bamboo" (I had one of those many years ago) and find all of the bits and pieces of driver software that were scattered in the Library, Preferences and Applications folders and delete them one by one. Only after doing that process (which took the better part of an hour) was I able to get the installer to run without throwing the error. Wacom should bundle an uninstaller into their installer so that if it senses the offending software it could give you the option of deleting it there and then; after all the installer found the files and knows they are there.

  4. I've been struggling with an annoying lag on my Intuos 4 for years maybe? This is SO HELPFUL! Thanks a ton for taking the time to make this video! Also, Creators Couture posted a video that gave a tip on the driver that worked for my setup. The link to her tip here for comment readers having the same lag issue:


    Thanks again

  5. Thanks man! Totally forgot where all this was. Just got a new tablet after the old one died. Been 9 years since I've had to do this. lol 😀


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